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Another International Cooperation Platform initiated by Business School Dean

Date:Jun 23, 2020 17:04Source: ClickTimes:

June 19, initiated by the Business School Dean, Prof. Holger Haldenwang, a cooperation meeting between SZTU and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in Austria (part of the University of Innsbruck) was successfully hosted. Prof. Holger Haldenwang invited Principal Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann (Head of MCI),Prof. Dr. Vladan Antonovic (Coordinator Transnational Education/International Relations),Prof. Dr. Markus Kittler (Academ. Director Executive PhD),Prof. Dr. Siegfried Walch (Head of Department and Studies), Dr Susanne Lichtmannegger (Head of International Relations)and Prof. Dr. Wei Manske-Wang to join the meeting.

Both parties show strong desires and reach an agreement to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)for cooperation in the nearly future. Due to the limitations caused by the COVID-19, both partners will try to organize a signing ceremony online in the near future.

The cooperation mode varies in different aspects initially with a focus on Business School, extending to a whole range of other colleges such as College of Big Data and Internet, Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing, College of Health Science and Environmental Engineering, etc. The preliminary cooperation will focus on the Executive PhD Program along with a range of exchange/summer school collaboration among professors and students.

The successful holding of this Cooperation Meeting has laid a good foundation for SZTU and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

Figure 1 Business School Dean Prof.Dr.Holger Haldenwang (left) and Rector Prof.Dr.Andreas Altmann Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) not touching hands


Figure 2 Business School Dean and Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) Faculty Members (from left: Prof.Dr.Siegfried Walch, Prof.Dr.Wei Manske-Wang, Prof.Dr. Holger Haldenwang SZTU, Prof.Dr.Andreas Altmann, Prof. Dr.Markus Kittler)

Figure 3: Business School Dean, Prof.Dr.Wei Manske-Wang and  Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) Faculty Members Dr Susanne Lichtmannegger as well as Prof. Dr. Vladan Antonovic