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Reunion of Business School --Student“Speak Out Freely ”Meeting

Date:May 25, 2020 10:25Source: ClickTimes:

On 18th May, SZTU restarted face to face teaching after more than four months. Business School members were finallly reunited in classroom,what a wonderful moment!

On 22th May, a special meeting of “Speak Out Freely ”was successfully held in lecture room 107. Dean of Business school , Prof. Holger Haldenwang, firstly brought his warmest greetings to the students via video link and delivered an inspiring speech, across the screen, the students strongly felt encouraged and expected. Meanwhile, the students shared their feelings about this special semester, for example, some students summed up their deficiencies in online learning, some students expressed the excitement of being back in class, while some students also showed anxiety about the final exam. Afterwards, Dr. Ding, the class teacher of design economics, communicated and guided students on their psychological and learning problems.

Boys and girls, welcome home!


Dean’s speech is as follows:

Dear students,

hello and good afternoon, nihao,

First, I would like to say well done my students. I fully understand that during the COVID-19 pandemic period, how many sacrifices you have made and how many burdens you have had over these past couple of months. I am really glad to see, that all of you have come back to campus and have had already one week of "normal" lessons in the classroom again and I hope you got used to it again very quickly.

I assume that the study conditions will continue to improve and that you will quickly settle back into your dormitory. It is possible that the building skyline has changed noticeably in the meantime.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation abroad, I was told that I would probably hardly recognize the scenery, as I have unfortunately not been able to be on site since November last year.

I'm sure that it will be more fun for all of you to learn together with your fellow students again and to do sports or make music or work in a team or celebrate something together instead of being at the mercy of the professors via online teaching, controlled by parents or grandparents or brothers and sisters.  

In any case, I wish you every success in your further improvement of your semester progress.

Please continue to concentrate on learning the necessary teaching program and to help each other, if necessary. As it is well known, one is usually stronger in a team.

At the same time, I would like to appeal to you all to follow the rules of mutual protection and make sure that the SZTU continues to remain COVID -19 free.

I wish myself at present nothing more eagerly than to be soon again see you all at campus in person and to welcome you personally in the seminar room, on the corridors, in the refectory, on the sports field or in the Campus Cafe.

But I am afraid that my patience will need to be stretched a bit longer.

I would be really happy to invite you for a cup of tea or coffee.

Should this not be possible this semester, then this will be made up for in Regensburg next semester in the autumn or winter school.

I wish you all good luck and continue to get success.

Sincerely, Stay healthy.

Prof. Dr. Holger Haldenwang

Editor: Assistant Professor Ding Zhuoqi